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Professional Marketer & Storyteller

Hi! Thank you for visiting our website. You must be asking, "Well, who is really the team behind Dromos that's doing all the work?" *insert woman raising her hand emoji* I'm Işıl also known as Ish. 

I'm a marketer and publicist with experience in adaptive sports marketing for almost a decade. 

I LOVE and CHERISH working with adaptive athletes more than anything in life. I mean that wholeheartedly. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction in knowing that I get to play a small role in sharing their story with the world for others to respect and admire them as much as I do. And, it truly pains me to see that they're still underrated, underpaid, and underresourced. Part of our mission at Dromos is to change that and to create a truly Diverse & Inclusive world, where disability is included. period. 

I have interviewed and written hundreds of stories on adaptive athletes, in sports ranging from wheelchair basketball, quad rugby, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racers, sled hockey players, etc., as well as disability rights activists. 

In 2016, I joined a small media team at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, where I had the honor of interviewing several athletes, including Team USA and the Turkish Paralympic Team. This was the first time I realized my passion could become a lifelong career journey and I could help athletes find their voice by giving them the tools and a platform to be successful. Thus, during the final semester of grad school at NYU, I decided to write a detailed business plan for Dromos Agency, LLC, under the careful supervision and guidance of my business and marketing professors. I filed for the LLC status in May 2020 and we are continuing to grow (many thanks to the trust of the athletes and partners we work with) and making an impact ever since! 

My diverse background, having been born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, and my extensive travel experience around the world have made me a creative and empathetic person with strong association skills, which is critical for an agent and publicist to have, in my humble opinion. My approach comes with kindness, friendliness, and professionalism that puts my clients' needs ahead of everything. 

So, that's part of my story for now. :)

Now, let's get to know you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want to share your story with me. I am ready to be your teammate off the court that you can trust and rely on.

much love and respect, 


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