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Launching TekeRRenk in Turkey for PWD

For almost a decade, even before forming Dromos Agency, I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with Paralympians and sharing their stories with the world through marketing and storytelling. Yet, lately, I’ve been itching to find a way to support and do something for the athletes in my home country, Turkey. Today, I’m proud to announce that Dromos Agency has partnered with MILK.IST to launch TekeRRenk to bring the stories of Turkey’s athletes with a disability to the front and center through custom artwork and to bring color and hope to the 9 million PWD in Turkey. My amazingly talented friend, founder of is the design genius behind each wheel cover art, inspired by each individual’s unique story, the struggles that they’ve been through, and the sparks of joy they’ve found in life. Each motif symbolizes something super meaningful to them and their life. When we began the journey on June 18th of this summer, i didn’t think we’d have spoken to 5 brilliant athletes from different cities in Turkey with 7 hours of Zoom recordings with me being in Boston (6,000+ miles& 8 hours of time difference from Turkey) and Milk.Ist being in a small village called Erdek in Turkey. I’m beyond thrilled to get to know my country’s trailblazer angels who sacrifice so much to represent our country in the world stage. With TekeRRenk my hope is that we can SEE them, HEAR their story and make the CHANGES NEEDED to offer our citizens with a disability a life with dignity and respect. I’m excited for the journey ahead and look forward to bringing TekeRRenk to so many others in Turkey. #disability#wheelchair#wheelchairartwork#accessibility#equity#turkey🇹🇷#engelolma#sporumaengelolma

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