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Basketball 3x3 addition to the Olympic Games Shows Potential for the Paralympic-Version

Basketball 3x3 and BMX freestyle are the two new disciplines added to the Olympic Games and they will be staged in an urban setting.

road to paralympics_ 3x3_wheelchair basketball
Photo Cred: Olympic News/ Original Source: Getty

Tokyo 2020, in December 2017, approved the urban venues for the following fou sports: skateboarding, sport climbing, basketball 3x3, and BMX freestyle.

The last two sport are the newest addition to the Olympic Games.

The new "urban style" approach in the Olympic Games is interpreted to hopefully "inspire new generations and become a blueprint for future Olympic Games." Objective is to connect with a new set of fans, younger, urban, and lead a more freestyle life.

On the Paralympic Games end, there is an increasing demand and interest in wheelchair basketball 3x3 in the United States, led by the Paralympic Gold Medalist, legendary wheelchair basketball player, Dave Kiley.

In June 2018, Dave Kiley hosted the 15th Annual DK3, his newly branded 3x3 event in Dallas, TX, bringing over 50 athletes from the U.S., including the veterans and Paralympians.

Dave Kiley's goal is bring the event to other cities such as Chicago, San Diego and New York City, where there is a lot of demand.

More info on 3x3 wheelchair basketball in the U.S. is at

Back to Tokyo2020, the Aomi Urban Sports venue, a temporary set up, will be hosting the basketball 3x3 and sports climbing. The Olympic BMX Course will host the BMX freestyle and skateboarding. These urban venues are expected to create "a youth-focused urban atmosphere in the area, increasing the opportunity for engagement with fans and delivering a unique Tokyo 2020 experience."

Original Source: Tokyo 2020 International Communications Team

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