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I'm Ready for You, Tokyo.

It is hard to believe that we're at a one year mark from the most anticipated games of my life: the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Since Rio 2016, athletes from all around the world have been working diligently to get a spot on their national teams to qualify for Tokyo 2020. Currently, Team USA is competing in the ParaPan Games in Lima, Peru which is a major qualifier for the Tokyo2020 Games. Meanwhile, I have been reading more, learning more, and meeting more athletes every day from various sport disciplines and different countries to build my portfolio for the opportunity of a lifetime. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Paralympic Games is different because there is a personal story and a mission behind everyone who partakes in the Paralympic Games, whether or not they're an athlete. From the volunteers who help run the show to the media professionals or to the store managers during the Games, every single person that you meet has a personal story that contributes to the Paralympic Movement. Thus, everyone there is somewhat experiencing the gold medal moment of their lives at the Paralympic Games.

I was extremely lucky to have had a chance to join a small team in Rio 2016. I was full of passion and enthusiasm but certainly not as experienced as I'd have loved to be in 2016. I was pretty much a rookie player on a team of veterans. Now, I feel more ready than ever to maximize my time and the opportunities I get with athletes there. It is my duty and privilege to tell the world who the Paralympic athletes are and their journey towards excellence. I am not a professional journalist but I approach every story with the professionalism, integrity and the empathy of a journalist.

I am ready for you Tokyo 2020, if you allow me to be there for you...

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